Earlier this quarter, we celebrated 6 years of Smart Power India’s journey and the impact of its programs that are changing the course of the country’s rural development growth trajectory. Shortly after, the devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic took effect. Our customers in rural India were acutely impacted due to the lack of sufficient access to quality healthcare facilities and other essentials, this was reflected in our customer surveys. SPI responded by turning its attention to rural India’s healthcare needs by partnering with NGOs doing exemplary work for a better recovery. SPI also deployed oxygen concentrators to the teams on the ground in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar when severe shortage was reported. Further, SPI promptly focused on getting our billing & collection agents in Odisha, i.e. the Bijulee didis (Power Sisters) vaccinated.

The second wave also highlighted the impact reliable electricity has on other sectors such as education, healthcare, and the rural economy.

We formed partnerships with three organizations doing stellar work to mitigate impact of the pandemic namely, GiveIndia Foundation, Swasth Foundation and Eka Care.
SPI is supporting vaccination of its ‘Bijulee didis’ (Power sisters) in Odisha, 33 Bijulee didis have been vaccinated so far, more to follow!
Stories of impact of Smart Power India's Micro-Enterprise Development Program

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Stories of change from Smart Power India’s microenterprise development programme were aired by NDTV 24x7 between 7th April and 9th May.
Micro Enterprise Development Program-Stories of change from rural India
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