Ama Goshti Pragati Barta - Our Community Radio Show

With over 5,000 listeners tuning in every week, our community radio show- ‘Ama Goshti Pragati Barta’ continues to touch lives in rural Odisha!

Since its inception in August 2021, the radio program has been amplifying the voices of community members in Jagatsinghpur and nearby blocks. We provide expert advice and guidance to address different challenges and concerns of the people, who call in with their queries and participate actively in regular conversations.

Some of the issues addressed are:

Energy access and effective use of power
Metering, Billing, Collection, and Efficiency
Livelihood & skill development
Finance and market linkages
Reducing carbon footprint
Aquaculture and local farming practices

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 24 [Highlights]

In honour of National Girl child day, this episode throws light on the issue of gender discrimination. Our guest Bishnupriya Mohanty. Gosthi Sahayaka, from Odisha Livelihood Mission, talks about the training and gender equality schemes instituted by OLM to improve the status of women in society. She highlights the role of both men and women in working against gender discrimination.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 23 [Highlights]

To instill confidence in the community about electricity use and upkeep, this episode- The Voice of Confidence has our expert Gagan Kumar Patra, Smart Power India, addressing queries and misconceptions related to electricity meter reading, billing, and collection. Through a Q&A session, the expert answers pertinent questions related to timely bill payments and meter reading issues.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 22 [Highlights]

Open two-way communication is paramount for sustainable community-led solutions. With this view, Gagan Kumar Patra, the expert from Smart Power India, leads a discussion on Metering and Billing. He debunks myths about bill payment and electricity supply and encourages listeners to actively approach the authorities to resolve their issues regarding bill payments and meter issues.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 21 [Highlights]

In 2022 - A Spark For Change, the first episode of the new year, Mr. Mohan Kumar Baliyarsingh, Director, Mahashakti Foundation, wishes all the listeners a happy new year. ‘New hope, new year, and new resolution’, is the theme for the episode.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 20 [Highlights]

The Ama Goshti Pragati Barta Rewind 2021- Year-End Highlights Special Episode showcases how we have touched the lives of people from Jagatsinghpur and Paradeep, through this community radio broadcast. Mr. Mohan K Baliyarsingh, Director, MSF, thanks to the community for their enthusiastic participation and active listening.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 19 [Highlights]

Electricity plays a vital role in providing students access to information and knowledge from all over the world, through the internet. Smt. Geetanjali Barik, Rtd. Headmistress, Vedvyas Tapoban Primary School, talks about the importance of electricity among students. She throws light on the history of innovation in electricity. She also highlights how electricity proved to be an essential requirement for online education through the pandemic.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 18 [Highlights]

Reliable electricity is essential in establishing and maintaining healthcare facilities in rural India. This episode focuses on the Effect Of Clean Energy On Rural Healthcare. We hear from Sukanta Kumar Pradhan, Deputy Manager, Reproductive Child Health Dept., National Health Mission, Jagatsinghpur. He highlights the role of electricity in maintaining health services. He also educates the listeners about precautionary measures for COVID and addresses their fears about vaccination.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 17 [Highlights]

With the threat of cyclone Jawad looming over Odisha, this episode addresses the community’s concerns about the cyclone Jawad. Safety measures and do’s and don’ts regarding electricity are discussed. During the Q&A session, Mr. Mohan K Baliyarsingh, Director, MSF, listens to the anxieties of the listeners about natural disasters, talks about disaster preparedness, and also highlights the importance of solar power in times of crisis.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 16 [Highlights]

There is tremendous potential in the use of solar power in aquaculture. Solar power can reduce the long-term costs of an aquaculture set-up and increase the profitability of the venture. In this episode, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Ray, NRLM Livelihoods Consultant, leads a discussion on the role of solar power in pisciculture. He provides a wealth of information on the advantages of using solar power to manage a fishery unit.

#AmaGoshtiPragatiBarta | Episode 15 [Highlights]

The environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect it. – Mohith Agadi. In this special episode on Ecology and Environment, environmentalist- Mr. Gurudatta Parija from Mahila Vikash leads a discussion on environmentally friendly practices that each individual can inculcate in their lives. He educates the listeners about bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, electric vehicles, and solar energy.

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