Creating knowledge and accountability in the public domain through robust research supporting the Government, private sector, implementers and donors

Our goal

Smart Power India is committed to creating evidence-based research and providing field and analytical support to the Government, private sector, implementers and donors.

The opportunity

India’s rural electrification stands at a crossroad. The Government’s flagship Saubhagya scheme on rural electrification has enabled villages to have an electricity connection.

However, this has not translated into access to reliable and quality services. We believe that demand side issues are responsible for the gap in meaningful electricity access. Assessing customer behaviour is key to load forecasting as well as addressing policy issues.

Focus Areas

We focus on developing and disseminating relevant knowledge in the rural electricity access and services space with an aim to promote research and innovation and impact policies on rural electrification. We partner with policymakers, practitioners and academic institutions to come up with actionable insights and innovative strategies. While our work covers the spectrum of supply and demand side issues of rural electricity, our focus is on the last-mile customer.

We exchange knowledge by promoting and facilitating platforms for networking, knowledge sharing and collaborative research.

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