Impact Stories

Solar energy and rural empowerment

Reliable and clean energy holds the potential to transform the lives of entire communities through better livelihood opportunities. This film is proof that electricity access is the key that unlocks progress. #Power4Progress

Reliable Electricity for Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of the rural economy in India. It feeds billions of people across the country and beyond. Smart Power India helps in setting up irrigation systems and are changing the face of agriculture by providing them with reliable electricity.

Reliable Electricity for Enterprise-Development

While reaching the households seemed like the obvious first step to make universal electricity access a reality, we believe that true development will come from better social and economic outcomes, and that will only be possible through empowerment of viable enterprises. Let us see how!

Reliable Electricity for Women Empowerment

It has been iterated in various conversations on energy, that women have a much larger role to play in the energy sector than being mere end consumers. This is how they’re using electricity as a tool to pull themselves out of all social and economic boundaries.

Reliable Electricity for Healthcare

Imagine having to travel tens of kilometres to find the nearest doctor for your regular health check-ups. Thousands of people in the country lived in this situation for most part of their lives, until the boon of reliable electricity, and Glocal Healthcare Systems changed their lives.

Reliable Electricity for Clean Drinking Water

Every individual should have the right to live a healthy life, and access to clean drinking water is an inevitable part of it. Let’s take a look at how RO Water Systems that run on electricity from the SPI Minigrids are making safe drinking water a reality for rural communities.

Reliable Electricity for Street-Lighting

Our beneficiaries from around the country share their experience about how the close-knit communities in rural India have come even closer, with the lighting up of streets and common spaces, also giving women the opportunity to move around freely without fear.

Reliable Electricity for Enterprises: Micro-Finance Facility

Entrepreneurs in villages have seen a new ray of hope with the micro-finance facility supported by Smart Power India. We are encouraging upcoming business-persons to dream big, and helping them realise their dreams by giving them the right start.

Reliable Electricity for Anganwadi Workers

Angwanwadi workers like Bhallariya are nurturing and providing young children with the care they need. Reliable Electricity equips them to help the children as well as themselves, to lead better lives.

Reliable Electricity for Education

Education is the tool that helps build a strong foundation for socio-economic development in rural communities. Electricity has transformed the way children study in villages, by providing them with a cleaner and more effective source of light. This way, reliable electricity not only powers the present, but the future as well.

Reliable Electricity for Grain Mills

Bajrang is one of the many farmers who not only found more efficient ways to do agriculture, but could also adopt innovative ways to improve their livelihoods, by running small businesses like rice mills and flour mills effectively. Here is their story.