Mini-Grid Model

Smart Power India works with a wide range of stakeholders to develop the mini-grid sector in India

The mini-grids, operated by private energy service companies, stand out as one of the few distributed solutions that provide electricity for both lighting and productive use.

Today, more than 300 renewable energy mini-grids cumulating to 9.2 MW of capacity, supported by Smart Power India, are set-up across Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand, the largest such cluster in India. The electricity from these grids is transforming the lives of more than 2,49,777 people, by not only providing electricity for lighting but also powering fans, electric pump-sets, appliances and motors for productive uses.

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Smart Power India continues to support mini-grids’ expansion
Providing technical assistance to private energy service companies
Boosting demand for electricity beyond household lighting
Supporting micro enterprise development through partnerships with companies having rural value chains
Technical assistance to energy service companies
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