India ranks as one of the top leaders in the world’s most attractive renewable energy markets. Renewable energy deployment in India is aimed at advancing economic development, but it is also to improve energy security, improve access to energy, and mitigate climate change. For clean energy access to be a long-term sustainable goal, it is essential to raise the standard of living by providing cleaner and more reliable electricity. While there has been a remarkable progress in electrification of rural India, as envisioned by the government, quality, affordability, and reliability of the electricity being supplied remain a matter of concern. 
At Smart Power India, we have been consistently working to minimse this gap. Accessibility and inclusivity are top priorities for us, in the provision of equitable electricity. 
Last year, we envisioned an affirmative green pathway for enabling energy access to all. We engaged with the communities and regions where this gap was particularly stark and sought their participation and suggestions through community initiatives like a local community radio show 'Ama Gosthi Pragati Barta' that reflects on their daily challenges and offers help and advice. Our own Podcast series 'Flip The Switch' brought to light the issues people were facing and generated useful insights for them.
As we enter a New Year with reinvigorated hope, we are grateful to you for your support and faith in us. We humbly seek your partnership as we progress on this journey of positively impacting lives of hundreds and thousands and are confident that we will continue to be the instruments of an equitable energy transition, together.

Jaideep Mukherji 
Chief Executive Officer, Smart Power India 
Asia Executive Director, Global Energy Alliance for People & Planet (GEAPP)
The highlights from 2021 have been captured in the video below. Hope you enjoy it.
2021 Highlights 
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