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Rooftop Solar for Rural Commercial & Institutional Customers

Empowering commercial and institutional customers with clean, affordable and reliable electricity through rooftop solar for productive use


While India achieved 100% household electrification in 2019 across the country, about 40% of rural C&I customers, especially in low-income states of North & East India (UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and others), are still not connected to the grid. Hence, millions of rural and peri-urban C&I customers (including MSMEs), burn ~1 billion litres of diesel each year due to unavailability and/or unreliability of the main grid


SPI will work on the following work streams:
  • Crowding-in key market actors including:
    • Project Developers (ESCOs)
    • Financing Partners
  • Putting structural elements in place to support market actors including:
    • Raising Consumer Awareness
    • Demand Aggregation
    • Technology Platform
    • Leveraging existing DFI-Driven Schemes


SPI aims to build the market for Rooftop Solar to reach 100 MW installation by 2024 to displace 150,000 tons of carbon annually, by crowding-in relevant actors, including project developers & financiers, and unlocking the solar rooftop market for millions of diesel-dependent MSMEs across low-income states of North & East India.