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Rural Electricity Access

Without electricity, communities are limited in their ability to access key information services and facilities such as health care, education and livelihood thereby impacting their chances of improved economic and social well being


The Rockefeller Foundation created Smart Power India to work closely and forge partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve scale and improved quality of electricity access in India to promote economic opportunities for rural communities


It is an accepted fact that electricity access and consumption are strongly correlated to economic development and significant poverty reduction. In rural India, lack of access to quality and reliable electricity leads to the community being left out of the development curve and cut off from the modern economy.

We believe that meaningful electricity access is a combination of provision of electric connection, the predictability of power availability, quality of electricity and service. The goal of positively impacting lives and livelihoods through electricity can only be realized when power is reliable for a village entrepreneur who wants to shore up income or a household who wants to operate an electrical appliance.


We currently have two keys areas of focus for providing rural electricity access