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Energy Service Franchise Model

Demonstrating customer focused delivery of services in partnership with the Government


Working with key stakeholders to create win-win solutions for all providing 24*7 affordable power supply in a sustainable and economical way.


Under the ESF portfolio, we follow four core key principles: Transparency, Equity, Accountability and Flexibility. SPI’s Energy Services Framework (ESF) builds upon past learnings in rural electricity supply and provides a robust framework incorporating sound governance principles, balanced approach to risk-reward sharing, best in class operating practices and prudent regulatory mechanisms.

According to DISCOMs needs and current status, we follow our unique model based framework focussing on customer satisfaction and improving the distribution supply.


ESF enables electricity demand growth by ensuring adequate universal electricity access to all customer segments, reliable and quality power supply and enhanced customer service.

The ESF helps all the stakeholders to achieve their objectives – Customers, Discoms, Government, Energy Service Providers and State Electricity Regulatory Commissions.

Energy Service Franchise Model = Access, Quality, Reliability

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Customer Service
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Number of connections
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Electricity Quality
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Predictability of power availability

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