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Model Distribution Zone (MDZ) Program


The MDZ Program is a joint initiative of Smart Power India, Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha (CESU), to bring together best practices and innovation to build a sustainable model distribution zone in the rural areas of Odisha.

The MDZ area covers more than 630 villages catering to the electricity needs of 550,000+ rural lives. These areas have witnessed high electricity access with 90% of the households connected to the grid but with poor reliability, quality and customer service, which has resulted in unviable rural electricity supply.

The program leverages relationship between customer experience and viability of rural electricity supply focussing on a) improving the reliability and quality of grid electricity supply, b) enhance customer experience by introducing best in class practices in last mile supply, and c) engaging communities in building localised sustainable business models in rural electricity supply.

SPI along with support of the resource partners are leading efforts on technology enablement, innovation, capacity building and introducing customer centric best practices while CESU engages with Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs) as micro-franchisees involved in metering, billing & collection activities. The PMU works under the supervision of the Electricity Regulator (i.e. OERC).


The program is expected to impact more than 550,000 rural lives with enhanced customer experience, connect new 500 micro-enterprises to the grid, promote energy efficient appliances in households, bring in income opportunities for more than 160 women entrepreneurs, and facilitate in connecting agriculture & aquaculture farms to the grid.


Developing a “sustainable model distribution zone” (MDZ) in rural areas, will demonstrate a proof of concept and the model will be rolled out across the state, with partnership between the utility, private sector and communities.