A Twitter Conversation On Power Access landscape of 2021

An insight-driven Online Panel Discussion with Jaideep Mukherji, CEO, Smart Power India and experts from the energy sector on implications of the budget and recovery of the power sector from the global pandemic.


February 2021
4:00pm IST
An Introduction
The 2021 Union budget of India recognised financial state and monopolisaiton of discoms as well as need for clean sources of energy as a serious concern. It provided assistance for infrastructure creation including prepaid smart metering, feeder separation, upgradation of systems and promised a framework to empower consumers with choices of more than one discom. It also took a step towards India's ambitious goal of 175 gigawatts (GW) of installed renewable capacity by 2022 by proposing additional infusion of Rs 1,000 crore to SECI and Rs 1,500 crore to IREDA and launching National Hydrogen Mission in 2021-22 for generating Hydrogen from green power sources.

What will be the implications of these measures on the power and renewable energy sector? 
What are the policy recommendations and strategies which can be utilised to create a roadmap for more reliable access to electricity in the coming year. What are the recommendations for the upcoming year? This upcoming Twitter Conversation will have our experts Jaideep Mukherji, Anant Sudharshan, Bharat Jairaj, Satish Kumar, Abhishek Jain, Shaleen Singhal, Ms. Lydia Powell, Ashwini K. Swain and Jyoti Mukul engaging with our online audience to answer some of these questions. The conversation will be moderated by Anindya Upadhyay, Independent Consultant - Designing climate communications strategy at Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)
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Here to unpack the #Budget2021 are energy experts @JaideepMukherji @anantsudarshan @bharathjairaj @satishEE @ajainme Lydia Powell Shaleen Singhal @AshwiniKSwain and @mukuljyoti with @anindya_u on #RoadToRecovery!

Bring your questions for @JaideepMukherji @anantsudarshan @bharathjairaj @satishEE @ajainme Lydia Powell Shaleen Singhal @AshwiniKSwain and @mukuljyoti as they chalk out the #RoadToRecovery on 11th February, at 4PM IST.

Two days to go for an engaging conversation on how the #Budget2021 will influence the #power sector! Keep watching!

How will reliable access to electricity affect #ClimateChange? Find out from the experts @JaideepMukherji @anantsudarshan @bharathjairaj @satishEE @ajainme Lydia Powell Shaleen Singhal @AshwiniKSwain and @mukuljyoti with @anindya_u on #RoadToRecovery - 11th Feb, at 4PM IST. Your questions are welcome!   

What's on the horizon of the #PowerAccess landscape in 2021? Stay tuned and join the #RoadToRecovery with @anantsudarshan @bharathjairaj @satishEE @ajainme Lydia Powell Shaleen Singhal @AshwiniKSwain @mukuljyoti tomorrow!

TOMORROW! Experts from the energy sector will come together to discuss strategies and guidelines to ensure that underserved rural areas get access to reliable electricity using clean sources of energy. Tune in at 4pm IST to #RoadToRecovery
Few hours to go as @JaideepMukherji @anantsudarshan @bharathjairaj @satishEE @ajainme Lydia Powell Shaleen Singhal and @AshwiniKSwain @mukuljyoti to talk about the recovery from impact of #COVID19 on the power sector and what's in store for the future. Keep following this space and direct your questions at #RoadToRecovery.
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Join me in engaging with experts during @smartpowerorg & @RockefellerFdn’s upcoming Twitter Conversation on 11th February, 2021 at 4pm (IST) we will discuss the future of power access landscape as we traverse the #RoadToRecovery.

Do accompany me at the upcoming Twitter Conversation with @smartpowerorg & @RockefellerFdn as we draw inferences from the  Union Budget 2021 for the power sector at 4pm on 11th February on #RoadToRecovery.

The Twitter conversation with @smartpowerorg & @RockefellerFdn comes at an ideal time when the power sector needs a push towards the #RoadtoRecovery. Can’t wait to engage with the experts at 4pm IST on 11th February!

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Hello. The Rockefeller Foundation and Smart Power India are conducting a Twitter Conversation on 1th February, 2021 at 4pm (IST). Jaideep Mukherji, Anant Sudharshan, Bharat Jairaj, Satish Kumar, Abhishek Jain, Shaleen Singhal, Ms. Lydia Powell, Ashwini K. Swain and Jyoti Mukul will be discussing the #RoadToRecovery from the COVID 19 Pandemic towards reliable electricity access and the steps that will be required to strengthen the Indian Power Sector going forward. The conversation will be moderated by Anindya Upadhyay, a renewable energy consultant and an independent journalist writing for publications such as Blomberg, The Print, The Financial Express and the Mint. Join me in engaging with them on this very relevant issue facing the country today at #RoadToRecovery.
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