Micro Enterprise Development

Creating new economic opportunities by developing energy based micro enterprises

The motive power made possible by electricity has resulted in productivity gains and economic growth


Through rural micro enterprise development, Smart Power India is creating economic opportunities and overall growth of electricity demand by helping village level entrepreneurs expand their existing businesses or develop new businesses.


Despite initiatives to improve electricity access, and an increasing number of approaches to provide for it, the village demand for electricity remains low. This is primarily due to low levels of economic activity. Ironically, the areas with the potential for high consumption and commercial needs tend to get neglected. Perceptions such as ‘poor don’t pay on time or at all ’ perpetuate such myths. This vicious cycle denies communities reliable electricity leading to low economic opportunities.

Smart Power India aims to break this cycle by helping communities harness electricity for productive uses, thereby boosting greater demand for power.


Smart Power India has developed a set of services to support energy based micro enterprise development at the village level. Smart Power India identifies opportunities, technology partners, forges relevant partnerships and organizes training and capacity building programs.

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Micro enterprise development models supported by Smart Power India
Pure honey from the processing unit at Sitapur, UP is much in demand.
Mustard oil produced at oil expeller unit at Gumla, Jharkhand finds a ready market.
Nasreen Banu at her spice pulveriser unit at Shivpura, UP.
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